Announcer: What is ThermaDeck? The world’s only combination radiant barrier, insulation, and
ventilation system all in one state-of-the-art patented product.

Billy Ellis: Heat travels three different ways: conduction, convection, and radiation. ThermaDeck is the
only product that stops all three.
Dr. Bill Miller, Oak Ridge Laboratories, U.S. Department of Energy:

Bill: For the dollar spent, this is probably the most energy efficient, most economical system that a
homeowner could put on his home.

Announcer: What is ThermaDeck? Go to and see for yourself.

Heat is the enemy of energy efficiency. Minimizing the effects of heat on your home, and particularly
your attic, is CRITICAL to enabling energy efficiency. Heat travels three ways:

— Conduction: Heat passes through objects from direct contact, due to the object’s ability to
conduct (or pass along) heat. The more conductive an object, the easier that object passes heat.
— Convection: Convection currents circulate heat, which in turn can “cook” an object or area, much
like a convection oven cooks a chicken.
— Radiation: Radiation is the transfer of heat through emittance. In other words, the lower
emissivity or heat emittance of an object, the less the object will radiate heat to adjacent objects
or spaces.
To successfully counter the effects of heat travel, your attic needs three things:
— Insulation to limit the effects of conduction, as insulation has a low conduction value. Air is a
great insulator, as air does not effectively conduct heat. Many insulation products utilize air to
reduce heat conduction.
— Ventilation is used to evacuate heat, utilizing the convection currents as an aid to assist in this
process. As heat rises along a surface, the rising heat is a convection current. If cool air is drawn
into the space where convection currents are moving, the convection current can actually COOL
the roof!
— A Radiant Barrier reflects the radiant heat before it passes through the decking and into your attic.
ThermaDeck is the ONLY product that stops heat travel all three ways, and the patent proves it! The
ThermaDeck patent was granted as an INSULATION, VENTILATION, AND RADIANT BARRIER