Foam Backer

Injection Molded Foam Backer

The Billy Ellis Injection Molded Foam Backer fills the entire cavity of the aluminum shingle thereby making the roof extremely strong. With the foam backer you can walk on your roof. It also makes the roof much more hail-resistant and increases the energy efficiency. The Foam Backer is made of injection molded polystyrene (the same thing coffee cups are made of). It is a great insulator.

Billy designed the foam backer with a four-way lapping system, making it a roof all by itself. The Foam Backer makes the roof stronger, more hail resistant, more energy efficient and is an excellent sub roof. This foam backer is full coverage. It over laps the top and bottom and side to side. This allows anyone to get on the roof without worry of causing any damage and it totally insulates the roof. R-5 Foam Backer

Billy Ellis Foam Backer

If you walk on wood shingles they will split, clay or concrete tile will break, composition roofs will lose important granules, steel tile will dent if you are not careful to step on the battens and you also knock off protective granules. P. S. Walking on these roofs also voids the warranty.


Patented Miter Valley System…

The Billy Ellis Patented Mitered Valley System carries the water off the top of the roof. Each valley shingle is custom made on the job, and as an added safety feature we install our custom valley pan under the actual valley shingle creating a water proof system that will last as long as your home. Now take a look at the standard installation which allows water to penetrate the roof!

Now take a look at the standard installation which allows water to penetrate the roof!

Gable Trim

The standard gable system called for a long piece of J-Channel to be installed up the gable edge of the roof, then the actual aluminum shingle would be cut to fit inside the J-Channel. This presented two problems First, once again, it allowed water to get below the actual aluminum shingle and then be carried down by way of the J-Channel. Second, it just did not look as good as the rest of the roof. We felt it made your home look too much like a commercial building.

Billy Ellis Patented Gable System

Billy got together with the install team and came up with a Patented Gable Trim. With Billy’s system, the actual aluminum shingle is custom formed with special metal brakes to fit down over the gable and into the trim, never allowing water to get under the shingles. It also looks great, creating the warm residential look of wood shake, tile or slate.

Starter Trim

The next thing we had to fix with the standard installation was the two-piece starter strip. Through some pretty serious research, we found that the two- piece starter cause an action called wicking. Basically the two piece caused a vacuum-like action, drawing the water back up the roof edge and behind the fascia board, causing water to get behind the fascia and into the soffit area.

Billy Ellis Patented Starter Trim

So, Billy once again got with the installers, and with our special metal breaking tools created a one-piece starter strip. Because we made the starter out of one piece, the water could not wick, thereby eliminating the problem. Once again we feel like it makes a better, cleaner-looking roof edge.