Reporter: I love coming out here and seeing this stuff. I like this. We call this high tech.

Todd Ellis, Permanent Roofing Systems: You betcha. It’s the most high tech roof you can put on.

Reporter: They’ve got everything going on. They’re putting the shingles up here now. Tell a little bit
about this real briefly.

Todd: Well, we have the foam backer, and it’s making it to where it fills up the entire cavity. You don’t
have to worry about how you walk on it, and that’s why you see the guys up there walking all over it
without any problems at all. And then the finish on this thing will reflect about 90% of the radiant heat
that strikes the surface. In fact it was developed by the military for their military vehicles.

Reporter: Kind of like on this paint? So it reflects a lot?

Todd: It helps make them invisible to radar and such.

Reporter: For those of you that are out there watching right now, that’s really important because it’s the
radiant heat that penetrates inside your home, the only thing that you can do to your home that’s going to
pay you back, is to make it more energy efficient.

Todd: That’s correct.

Reporter: Pay you back, is make it more energy efficient. I think we were talking earlier and this is about
an R7, somewhere in that neighborhood right there. So you have an energy factor, and really what’s
important, normally, when you have something that’s taking the rays and reflecting that, it’s about an R7.

Todd: Right. So the combination’s the sweet thing, because you’re reflecting 90% of the radiant heat, but
then you’re stopping the temperature from conducting, too.

Reporter: They’re really busy up there!

Todd: Got a little bit of work going on up there.

Reporter: Check this out.

Permanent Roofing Systems by Billy Ellis Standard Composition Roofing
— reflects most of the sun’s rays (radiant heat)
— “Hi R” finish reduces surface temperature
— foam backer stops conduction
— Energy Star approved
— saves you lots of money
— allows radiant heat to pass through
— granules retain heat
— extreme surface temperatures reduce life
— higher utility bills
— costs you money
Permanent Roofing Systems by Billy Ellis: The last roof you’ll ever buy!

Homeowner 1: Well, I chose the aluminum roof over composition roof in the beginning because I thought
it looked better. The appearance is more appealing. It looked more like a shake shingle instead of a piece
of asphalt laying on top of the roof.

Homeowner 2: We’ve had some storms, hail, wind, that we have in this area. There’s been no leaks, no
problem at all with the roof. And we still love the looks of the roof.

Homeowner 3: Well, we definitely like the Perfection look. In fact, this was the thing that probably
surprised us more than anything, how it really added an expensive look to our home. We were just
shocked over that.

Todd: Hey, Tom. I’m going to show you just how strong this roof really is. I’m going to drive my truck
across it. Will that be alright?

Reporter: He’s going to drive the truck across, on the shingle? Whoa, folks. Okay, let me line this up.
You’re lined up. Just pull right up over the top of it. Whoa.

Todd: I’m going to back back across it, going to hit it twice.

Reporter: Well, this is incredible. It’s kind of on a down slope, but you didn’t bend it at all. There’s
nothing wrong with it. You didn’t squash it. So it will certainly take.

Todd: You can get up there and play a football game on top of this roof and not have to worry about

Reporter: That is incredible, folks, to see the truck drive across it. So I guess hail will certainly not do
anything to it, will it?

Todd: Nothing to speak of. You may get a few little dings here and there, but the roof is so roughly
corrugated, you’re never going to see it. The foam keeps it from caving the shingle in, which is the only
time you’d ever see it on the ground. And it has a lifetime warranty.

Reporter: Right. So you have an energy efficient roof.

Todd: Hail resistant, lifetime non-pro-rated warranty material and labor, transferable forty years. Best metal
roofing system you can put on.