News Anchor 1: Everyone’s looking for ways to save cash.

News Anchor 2: That’s right. Last week on the Night Beat, we told you about the bank account savings
benefits of so-called cool-colored metal roofs. Stats show white or other lighter-colored shingles have longer
warranties and can cut cooling bills by 20%. Now the Oak Ridge National Lab is helping a Texas
entrepreneur test out a similar money-saving system. The difference is this system goes under standard

Billy: And then once we put the decking on top of it, it creates a 1-inch airspace that we can then
ventilate. So we’re stopping heat from getting in all three ways heat travels: conduction, convection, and

News Anchor 1: Today Billy Ellis brought his special roof lining to Oak Ridge.

News Anchor 2: Together Ellis and ORNL scientists are running the system through a battery of tests
using special sensors and equipment to monitor different environmental conditions. Latest results showed
the system could trim the average power bill by about 5%. And because it works with any kind of roof, it
could be more accessible to regular, everyday homeowners.

Bill Miller: You can have a dark roof that looks dark, it’s aesthetically pleasing to the homeowner, which
they want. But at the same time, it’s very pleasing to their pocketbook. News Anchor 1: Ellis is currently
working to get that system Energy Star approval.

Billy Ellis’ ThermaDeck has been tested for 2 years at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. When
comparing the attic with ThermaDeck to the attic with standard roofing, the results reveal a 27.2 degree
difference in the attic temperature. The ThermaDeck roofing system is installed under shingles and looks
no different than any other standard roof. It’s the energy savings that makes this product a winner!