Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) is a multiprogram science and technology national laboratory managed for the United States Department of Energy. Oak Ridge is the Department of Energy’s largest science and energy laboratory.

Billy Ellis’ ThermaDeck has been tested for 2 years at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Dr. William Miller shows the results from two different roof assemblies under testing. When comparing the attic with ThermaDeck to the attic with Standard roofing, the results reveal a 27.2 degree difference in the attic temperature. The ThermaDeck roofing system is installed under shingles and looks no different than any other standard roof. It’s the energy savings that makes this product a winner!

Secrets of the Design

There’s really no secret behind our design. Actually, it’s the simplicity of it that makes it work!! ThermaDeck’s inventor, Billy Ellis takes you on the job to see the installation for yourself.


ThermaDeck’s Energy Benefits

ThermaDeck’s ability to reject 90% of heat from being transfered into the attic is amazing. The combination of ventilation, insulation, and radiant barrier make this product a one of a kind. 

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How the ThermaDeck System works

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We’re no longer willing to fight against the heat. We know it travels in three ways…


Instead of using different materials to combat each of these ways of travel, we’d rather use one. Wouldn’t you? ThermaDeck is the only product that can defeat the heat all the ways that it travels. Contact us to learn more or to have your roof installed with Energy Efficient ThermaDeck.