Permanent Roofing Systems has been serving the Oklahoma City area for over 40 years, installing the most energy efficient roofing ever made. We specialize in working directly with clients in the Oklahoma City area, providing one of the most reliable roofing solutions on the market today, metal roofing. Metal roofing provides an excellent solution for any roof, providing long-lasting durable shingles that are not only strong, but that also are extremely energy efficient.

We were installing radiant heat barriers (aluminum roofing with injection molded foam backing) decades before it was the in thing to do. Oklahoma City Metal Roofing by Billy Ellis has been cutting home electric bills on average 25% since 1979.

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We are proud to be an A+ Accredited Oklahoma City Roofing Contractor by the Oklahoma City Better Business Bureau

Wood Shake Beauty

Permanent Roofing Systems offers your home the charming beauty of real wood shakes without the problems traditionally associated with them. It’s an investment in the aesthetic and financial value of your home. Neighbors and passersby alike will be sure to admire this lasting investment in your home’s beauty and value. Because it’s made of the highest quality materials, A Billy Ellis Metal Roof always looks like new—upholding its beauty and the value of your home.

Permanent Roofing Systems uses the Perfection Country Manor Shake, manufactured by Classic Metal Roofing Systems, as well as our own patented improvements.

Leading the Way in Metal Roofing

Permanent Roofing Systems have worked hard at staying on the leading edge of residential metal roofing. Over the past forty years, we have seen the roofing industry go through many changes. With Billy Ellis’ miter valley, one piece starter strip, combo gable trim, and the injection-molded foam backer, and custom vent system, we can say we have offered our best to the roofing industry. Our patented systems are well respected as leading the industry in terms of beauty and functionality. Homeowners can choose a permanent roofing system that will give them just what they are looking for. These roofs have no risk of rusting and will last a lifetime.

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Three different ways…conduction, convection and radiation. Why use three different product that attack just one way in which heat travels? Could there be a single product meant to stop all three ways at once? Yes there is, and our attic radiant barrier is the answer to this problem. If you want to cut cooling costs and be more comfortable in your home, the single best way to do that is to reduce the temperature in your attic. ThermaDeck turns off the heat. ThermaDeck is first an attic radiant barrier. The aluminum coating on ThermaDeck will reflect 97 percent of the sun’s radiant heat.

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Over the years, Perfection Country Manor Shake has also stayed on the leading edge of coating technology. They were the first roofing manufacturer of residential metal shingles to use Kynar 500®/Hylar 5000® paint systems, providing the ultimate in fade and chalk resistance. Our company was the first to introduce heat-reflective coatings to the residential metal roofing industry, helping our customers create energy-efficient homes to maximize energy savings while meeting the goals of today’s local, state, and federal energy efficiency initiatives. And, most recently, Perfection Country Manor Shake developed and began offering the first Kynar 500®/Hylar 5000® powder coating ever used in the metal roofing industry.

Metal Roofing Financial Benefits

For more information on our metal roofs, please contact our Oklahoma City office by using our online form or call Permanent Roofing Systems at our local OKC office  405-799-8800 for more information.